Laboratory Testing

Good Process Safety practice demands a thorough understanding of the hazardous physical and chemical properties of materials you process.

You will need to know the fire and explosion properties of powders, understand the reaction characteristics of a chemical process or you simply need test data to meet regulatory requirements. Whatever your process safety needs Chilworth Global can manage your entire materials testing requirements, offering a turnkey service that not only collects data through rigorous experimentation and testing but also interprets and reports the results. For our partnership programme clients we also offer access to our Internet collaborative environment to share data with their colleagues world-wide.

Our global network of test facilities gives your business full access to cutting-edge equipment and dedicated laboratory test teams. We offer more than 300 standard test procedures, as well as the research capability to conduct unusual or complex customised testing.

The result is an expert and trusted service that not only delivers quality controlled results (GLP & ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories available), but removes the pressure on resource and maintaining compliance standards associated with in-house testing.


Download our Chemical Regulatory Guide

Global testing guide, click on the picture

Global testing guide

Standardised testing

  • Dust Explosion, Gas/Vapour Explosion, Hybrids
  • Chemical Reaction Hazards - Screening, Runaway Simulations and Process Characterisation
  • Static Electricity
  • Thermal Stability
  • Fire - Standard Tests and Special Tests
  • Regulatory - REACH, SDS, DoT, GHS, CLP, UN Transportation, OSHA
  • Energetic Materials Properties - Propellants, Pyrotechnics, Explosives

Speciality tests / research capability

  • Active/Toxic Materials Handling
  • High Temperature / High Pressure Capability
  • Remote Test Sites for Large Scale Testing
  • Containment Facilities and Open Test Bunkers

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